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DoW Voiceover: the fusion of fluid literature and global voices, produced locally!

The DoW’s Los Angeles based production studio takes advantage of the huge pool of locally available and highly qualified voiceover talents from around the world. Actors with extensive film/TV titles on IMDb, radio/TV hosts with nationally syndicated programs, voice actors with ABC, Disney, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Warner TV and HBO under their other city on Earth has such a concentration of professional voice talents! And local production means fast and dependable turnaround for your projects!

Using the same stringent standards applied in the process of our translation, our studios boast highly professional personnel and facilities to record your projects into all major (and some smaller) languages with local market considerations integrated into the process. We have done voice-overs for Marvel (Ironman animations), Motorola, Siemens, Philips, AMC, City of San Francisco, IHS, Adobe, Eurostar, Avid, McAfee, Nationa University, Amway, etc (see portfolio for details).

With industry standard Neumann U-87 & AKG C414 microphones, Avalon tube mic-preamps, custom-made isolation booths, blazing fast Quad-core processing power and the latest recording and post-production software (Pro-tools, Cubase, Waves plug-ins, etc), our studios have been using the best of digital recording technology to bring out the best of voiceover talents.

Combined with our high quality translation service and full audio/video production capabilities, the DoW is the ultimate one-stop solution to your VO projects. We will rework the script free of charge to better fit the tone and pace of the read if we are not the original translator of the script. For all target languages, we will provide multiple voice samples for our clients to choose from. We also have a huge variety of licensed music to add color and dimensions to your recording. Finally, we can deliver the end-product with unmatched attention to details in any popular commercial format you wish to specify.

Drop us a line if you are looking for U.S./Europe broadcast ready quality and affordable rates. Click on the signs above for male and female voice samples in various languages. Give us a holler if you find the talents you need!


  • TV & Radio commericals
  • Instruction & training videos
  • Corporate promos
  • Business presentations
  • E-learning
  • Animation & games
  • Audio books & audio tours
  • Documentaries
  • Film voice acting
  • Podcasts
  • IVRs
  • In-store announcements
  • Children's voices
  • Stock music bed
  • Original music composition
  • SFX
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Live recording (speech/concert)
  • DVD authoring


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