Translation & Localization: DoW Wordsmithing is your way to local cultures

At the DoW, we seek to forge target words from the anvil of the source language (wordsmithing) and maintain the original intention and style of the source text. As a team of truly bilingual language enthusiasts who have lived in different parts of the world, our strength lies in localizing our client's content for their target markets. We believe that the approach to translation determines the final product of the intended communication and therefore some of the things we do to assure quality here include:

* Understanding our clients' intended impact to determine the tone & style for each market,
* Working closely with our clients & continuously seek their input on the project.
* Compiling project-specific glossaries to ensure conformity & cultural sensitivity throughout the translation
* Constant word list exchanges for review and proofreading translated sections throughout the process.  

Nothing says more about our quality process than our 30-day free re-translation warranty: if you are not completely satisfied with our work, we'll re-translate it for free within 30 days of delivery.

The completion of the initial translation is really just the beginning of our continued participation in finalizing our service. With our client’s feedback, we aim to facilitate all-related communications such as product inquiries, business negotiations, conference interpretations, etc. We then prepare a book of knowledge for project debriefing and document management purposes so that we are ready to respond whenever our client wants to revisit the project.

Each project excites and motivates us to reach new levels of success for our clients and ourselves in translating thoughts, not just words...


  • Music, TV & Film Production
  • Pro Audio & Video hardware & software
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • IT & Technology
  • Political & Social
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Government
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Medical
  • Manufacturing

Language pairs:

  • English to Chinese translation
  • English to Cantonese translation
  • English to Korean translation
  • English to Japanese translation
  • English to Vietnamese translation
  • English to Tibetan translation
  • English to French translation
  • English to Spanish translation
  • English to Russian translation
  • English to German translation
  • English to Italian translation
  • English to Polish translation
  • English to Romanian translation
  • English to Scandinavian languages
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