HU Xiao CEO & Founder, EN-CN Linguist

HU Xiao (pronounced who shall) is the founder of the Dao of Words and co-CEO. He's in charge of all media related projects here at the DoW. Xiao is a seasoned language professional himself and has extensive experience as a translator, interpreter, voiceover talent, music & media producer. As one of the most sought after simultaneous interpreters in Southern California, Xiao has interpreted for clients like APEC (PM Julia Gillard, Pres. Felipe Calderón, Pres. Aquino, APEC ABAC Deb Henretta, etc.), CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vice Chairwoman of China's National People's Congress Standing Committee (Madam Yan Junqi), Chrysler, Caltrans, Federal Court of Immigration, L.A. County Department of Agriculture, Symantec, AFM, CSU Pomona, OAH, and at international conferences for the Red Cross, VISX and various other medical associations. When Xiao is not busy flying to his next interpretation destination, his extraordinary command of both languages and profound understanding of different cultures are being utilized by influential national newspapers, specialized tech firms as well as various government agencies like DEA, DHS and DOJ. His voice can be heard on Marvel's Ironman animation series, NU multimedia learning materials, Motorola and IHS commercials, Australian tourism DVD production, countless product promos and PSAs. His years of experience in modern rock production/performance makes him an invaluable asset to  clients like Palmer and audio/video hard/software giant Avid.

Giovanni VALENTI Co-CEO, CN-EN Linguist

Giovanni Valenti is the Co-CEO of The Dao of Words. Giovanni holds numerous degrees/certificates in Chinese Language and Literature, Business, and Education. Giovanni spent more than 8 years in China where he studied at Shenzhen University and the Sichuan Institute for Ethnics Groups and later project managed at a major translation service provider where he was responsible for such projects as: The Tao of Yao: The Wit and Wisdom from the moving Great Wall Yao Ming, 100 Action Principles by Bill Fitz Patrick, Investment Guide in Tibet, China-UK AIDS Prevention and Care Project, various reports and international bids for such clients as the Second Survey & Design Institute of China Railways and China Construction in addition to hundreds of other projects. Giovanni has also worked as an English editor for Sichuan Grasslands Magazine, translator/consultant for several companies such as Huaxing Silicon Industries (Group) and Pro-Power Sports (Inc) in addition to serving as a language instructor for Apex Language Consultants and Informatics (Chengdu). Giovanni is an Associate Member of the American Translators Association (Chinese Division) and also a Member of the Translator's Association of Sichuan Province, China. Gio's book credits:

Thomas RYAN GM (North America) EN-ES Linguist

Thomas Ryan earned his Master of Science from California State University, Long Beach in 1993 and is bilingual in English and Spanish. He has worked in several countries including Venezuela and Mexico for extended periods of time. He served as President of the Sociedad Cientifica Amigos del Parque Nacional Henri Pittier, a bi-national organization operating in both Venezuela and the USA. As a biological consultant with superb command of Spanish, he has managed more than 30 successful projects were his talents were crucial to the daily communication and success of many endevours. Now Thomas is lending his managerial and linguistic expertise to the Dao of Words to help us reach both a higher level of efficiency and the Spanish speaking clientele.

HU Xu  film & video director/producer, EN - CN linguist

HU Xu's multidisciplinary education background includes a BA in Applied Physics, a Master in Economics (University of Aberdeen, UK) and diploma in Film Production from Vancouver Film School, from which he graduated with honors in 2004. He is well experienced in various departments of filmmaking (AD, producing, VFX, camera, lighting, SFX, art) and his long list of film/TV credits include major productions like The Karate Kid (2011), Mummy 3, Red Cliff, Mountain Patrol, Paradise Redraw and Empires of the Deep. Operating production studios in Beijing, Shenzhen and Vancouver, he has written, directed and produced  high-profile, big-budget municipal promo videos (Guangzhou & Ningbo), a dozen TV commercials (Midea, O3, etc.), TV programs (Fairchild Television, City Lights), as well as many documentaries and indie films. A Mandarin native with near-native fluency in Cantonese and English, his passion for language has greatly helped him advance his career in the world of globalized production. He has even translated 30 episodes of TV series (Cang Tian Sheng Tu) from Chinese to English while working on the set as bilingual AD.

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