DoW Subtitles: the art of faithful condensation & localization

Subtitling is the translation and condensed interpretation of on-screen dialogue displayed as text and overlaid on the media. Professional subtitling can be expected to faithfully retain the original meaning for viewers of another language to understand the video presentation. But the DoW doesn't stop there: our subtitle translators don't just translate, but also localize. Their fluency in the appropriate dialects and the use of culturally relevant idioms help them paraphrase the essential meaning of the dialog within the time constraints of the on-screen video, maintaining a comfortable reading rate for the viewer.

We have the equipment to subtitle and encode programs from all media formats with timecodes, and we can deliver your subtitles in all common formats and in a variety of presentation fonts. With the latest hardware and software support, we can create your subtitles with our highly customizable services and meet your deadlines with the fastest turnaround. We can even help our client to load subtitles in different programs when they are not experienced enough to do this all by themselves.


  • Films
  • TV programs
  • Commercials
  • Corporate training videos
  • Web promos
  • DVDs
  • Internet productions

Language pairs:

  • English to Chinese subtitles
  • English to Cantonese subtitles
  • English to Korean subtitles
  • English to Japanese subtitles
  • English to Vietnamese subtitles
  • English to Tibetan subtitles
  • English to French subtitles
  • English to Spanish subtitles
  • English to Russian subtitles
  • English to German subtitles
  • English to Italian subtitles
  • English to Polish subtitles
  • English to Romanian subtitles
  • English to Scandinavian languages
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