From industry leaders to recent start-ups, brands big and small have trusted us with their projects. Whether it's a simple translation, an international conference interpretation, or a fully localized multi-language radio/TV promo production, we will take care of your project with competitive rates and personal attention only a boutique production approach can offer. Next time you have a language-related project you should give us a try too. We're confident you'll have a business partner for life after our first project together. Some of our clients and projects listed below:




Samples/parts of these projects available upon request:

Advertising & Marketing:
Motorola H-12 Bluetooth (translation & voice-over)
IHS website promo
Port of Oakland promo (translation & voice-over)
Midea infomercials (direction, 3D animation & production)
Philips AquaTouch series (translation & voice-over)
Adobe Presenter (multi-languages, voices)
Real estate TV promos for O3, Best House, etc. (direction, 3D animation & production)
Disney product promos (translaion & DTP)
Eurostar Diamonds (translation & voice-over)
PACE-Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative
Motorola Rokr (translation & voice-over)

Radio, TV & Film:
Marvel's Ironman animation series (EN & CN voice-over)
Zion & Bryce Canyon iPhone videos (2 languages, translations & voice-over)
William Shatner’s Priceline commercial (coaching)
Seoul Raiders (translation & subtitles)
Thunder Valley Casino radio campaign (3 languages, voices)
HSBC commercials (2 languages, coaching)
Hepatitis awareness radio PSAs (5 languages, NYC)
TV documentaries: Deng Xiaoping, Tibetan & Qiang Cultural Highlights, Famous Cultural and Tourist Spots of China, etc
DVD Postcards from Australia (translation & voiceover)
The Things We Lost in the Fire (subtitles)
AT&T iphone commercials (coaching)
Dead Men Do Tell Tales 《大宋提刑官》(translation & subtitles)

Pro Audio & Video
Palmer 2011 new product releases
Yamaha keyboard manuals
Korg keyboard manuals
Avid technical & marketing localization (translation, DTP)
Digidesign technical & marketing localization (translation, DTP)
M-Audio technical & marketing localization (translation, DTP, voice-over)
Pinnacle technical & marketing localization (translation)

Technology & IT:
Siemens Advia Centaur Systems (voice-over)
McAfee Change Control/Application Control (translation & voice-over)
Symantec Vision 2007 Las Vegas (simultaneous interpretation)
Web-mob Link (translation & voice-over)
Applied Materials SunFab (translation & voice-over)
Diamond Wire Technologies (translation & voice-over)
B2B Database of Enterprises in Sichuan Province
SAP ERP system localization
HP hardware specifications and manuals
Caltrans technology exchange (consecutive interpretation)
Language Weaver translation software

Immigration Court of Los Angeles (simultaneous & consecutive interpretation)
Office of Administrative Hearings (CA) (consecutive interpretation)
Texas Workforce Commission hearings (telephonic consecutive interpretation)
Wasserman, Comden & Casselman LLP (consecutive interpretation)
The Nathan Kline Institute Research Consent (translation)
Poly Technologies & Daimler-Chrysler Equity Transfer Agreement (translation)
Boston Police Abuse Law (translation)
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Deed of Mutual Covenants
Hong Kong Police Statements

Nature Sunshine 2009 global controller conferences (simultaneous interpretation)
Morgan Stanley financing projects
Deloitte training materials
Standard & Poor's equity research reports, market commentaries
China NetCom IPO prospectus;
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd. IPO prospectus

LAUSD Special Education Applications (translation)
DEA, DHS, FBI, OAH, TWC translation, interpretation & transcriptions
Chino City Hall (interpretation)
10th Five-year Plan for National Economic and Social Development (Topical Plan on Energy Development)
International Bid on Expressway from Xichang City to Panzhihua City in Sichuan Province
Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce

Los Angeles H1N1 Flu Vaccine Clinic release (translation)
Southern California Hospitals Association (interpretation)
China-UK AIDS Prevention and Care Project (CN to EN translation of various reports, assessments, documentaries, etc)
American Red Cross San Gabriel Pomona Valley Chapter Int. seminars  (consecutive, medical)
VISX University Practice Development Seminars     (simultaneous, ophthalmology/LASIK)

Business General:
AMC Shanghai (voice)
Jay Peak EB-5 (voice)
Avitage SAP
U.S. Department of  Commerce Los Angeles Economic Development Center (interpretations)
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce (translation & interpretation)
PRO-POWER SPORTS Inc (production agreement negotiations & existing exporting arrangements)
City of Industry Chamber of Commerce (interpretations)
Western China International Construction Machinery Trade Center (interpretation)

Political & Social:
APEC 2011 (interpretation)
World Hepatitis Day
Institute for the Future (voice)
Cross Straight: Mainland Chinese TV news reports on Taiwan.
FBI non-sensitive political news

The Tao of Yao: The Wit and Wisdom from the moving Great Wall Yao Ming (published as a bi-lingual version in China)
100 Action Principles by Bill Fitz Patrick (English-Chinese)
Sichuan Grasslands Magazine
Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House

Manufacturing & Engineering:
Lubrizol (voice-over)
Baoxing County Xinhai Marble Mine Project
Huaxing Silicon Company (Interpretation and translation)
Second Survey & Design Institute of China Railways
Shell technical documents

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