Wonder why many translation agencies offer voice-over services but have no samples on their website? Because they don't produce VOs; they outsource them, often to the lowest bidder with a laptop setup too. Well, we produce everything locally here in LA with top talents from all over the world!

Check out hundreds of voice samples from past projects here on our voice-over pages.

<< the latest additions to our sample pool!

                                Click here to go to our voice-over video page where you'll see dozens of clips from our past projects. Not all past projects are posted due to copyright issues, but you'll see industry leaders that have trusted our services include Motorola, McAfee, IHS, Diamond Wire and Schindler, etc. Next time you have a multi-language VO project, give us a try and you too will have a production partner for life :-).

                             Click here to see what our partnership with director/producer HU Xu can bring to our clients. An honored Vancouver Film School graduate, HU Xu is a fully bilingual TV/film producer/director who has worked on major film productions like The Karate Kid (2010), Mummy 3 and Redcliff. He has directed and produced numerous big-budget TV commercials and promos for various brands.
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