DoW Coaching: big names get closer to local markets

Wether it's Alec Baldwin speaking Chinese in Pearl Harbor, or Jason Statham speaking Japanese in War, or Nicolas Cage speaking Ukrainian in Lord of Wars, you have seen/heard Hollywood stars casually and seemingly effortlessly blurt out a few lines in a foreign language. Well, it's not effortless at all back stage; it's language coaching hard at work--people like us helping the stars to sound right in a foreign language.

But it's not just the stars who need to get a few phrases right to make a big-budget film performance more convincing, we all could use a few well-spoken colloquialisms in a foreign language or two to bring us closer to the locals in this fast-globalizing world. Need to learn a couple lines but don't have time to learn the language? Well, you are in the same boat with international corporate leaders who wish to feel closer to their employees, ambitious business owners who want to impress their overseas clients, and zealous travelers who need some basics to survive different countries. The list goes on. The solution is simple: we'll coach you through it, most languages, anyways.

English accent coaching: aspiring actors' way to Hollywood

For actors from the world over, your English accent is very useful! All our voice talents are masters of reading English with their native accents (frequently needed in various productions). But if specializing in the role of "that guy/girl with a funny accent" forever isn't your goal, you would have to learn to speak English with an American accent to make it into a mainstream Hollywood movie. Fortunately for that, you can turn to DoW's language coaching partner: acclaimed accent reduction coach Kelly Reiter. Find out all about Kelly’s success with international actors here and understand for youself why she can help you move forward in your career.


  • Pre-production in-person
  • Film production on-set
  • TV production on-set
  • Commercial production on-set
  • Post production in-studio
  • Language training on-site
  • Cultural training on-site
  • Actor workshop on-site
  • Language learning private
  • Language learning group

Languages (coaching done in English):

  • English accent coaching
  • English language coaching
  • Chinese language coaching
  • Cantonese language coaching
  • Korean language coaching
  • Japanese language coaching
  • Vietnamese language coaching
  • Tibetan language coaching
  • French language coaching
  • Spanish language coaching
  • Russian language coaching
  • German language coaching
  • Italian language coaching
  • Polish language coaching
  • Romanian language coaching
  • Scandinavian languages coaching
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