Japanese (日本語) is a language spoken by over 130 million people in Japan and in Japanese immigrant communities. Even though Japanese is only spoken in Japan as first language, there is a good number of dialects with considerable variation. Fortunately, besides standard Tokyo accent, the Japanese voice talents the DoW works with can also speak Hiroshima, Osaka (Kansai) and other accents.

  Japanese & English accent
Masashi O., Actor, IMDb profile
Credits: The Last Samurai, Letters from Iwo Jima, Twilight...

  Japanese & English accent
Miho A., Actor, IMDb profile
Credits: Guess Whom, A Better Place, Thread...
  Japanese & English accent
Shu S., Actor, IMDb profile
Credits: Shogun, Kusamueru, Checkmate, Balls of FuryHundai...

  Japanese & English accent
Yuka A., Actor, IMDb profile
Credits: Nichome Cocoa Girl, Live Jack Show, Love Attack, Unravel...
  Japanese & English accent
Ken I., Actor, IMDb profile, IMDb special Top 10
Credits: Underbelly Blues, Last Time, A Better Place, Weezer music video...


Japanese & English accent
Mali M., Actor, Musician
Credits: The Wolverine, Rock of Ages, Hyde Park on Hudson, Anna Karenina, Odd Life of Timothy Green...


Japanese & English accent
Hiro M., Actor
Credits: Revenge Flame of Hayabusa, Operation Repo, Expeditions to the Edge, Coast Mafia...

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Japanese male voice-over samples:

Japanese female voice-over samples:

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