Latest voice-over video reel.

Check out our latest multi-language voice-over video reel to understand why so many industry leaders have chosen us to produce world voices for their international campaigns! For more videos please visit our voice video page. For audio samples please visit our male or female voice demo page.



TDoW voices for Metro

TDoW team voiced this fun little promo video for Metro Expresslanes. Kasey (Monica Wang) hitches a ride with Jason (Xiao), her neighbor, and gets a crash course on how to use the transponder.



World talents. LA production.

Los Angeles: entertainment capital of the world. No other city on Earth has such a concentration of professional voice talents from around the world: Asian, European, African, you name it! And local LA production means fast and dependable turnaround for your projects! 


Localized video production.

Our linguistic partners all happen to have extensive experience in music and media production, so it wouldn't make sense for us to not tap this resource (and LA's amazing video production talents). By combining video production with our language services we can start localizing your campaign for different markets from day one, not after the expensive production is done, in English.



From industry leaders to recent start-ups, brands big and small have trusted us with their projects. With competitive rates and personal attention only a boutique production approach can offer, we will take great care of your project regardless of its size. We're confident you'll have a business partner for life after our first project together. See our portfolio page for some of our clients and projects.

Come to the DoW!

The Dao of Words is a team of passionate professional linguists and media producers that believes the Way (Dao) of translation is translating the differences in thinking, not just speaking, translating thoughts, not just words.

We are one of the few turnkey language solution providers in the U.S. that can offer broadcast quality multi-media production services in all major languages. On top of providing the highest level of professional translation and interpretation services, we are also experts in voice-over, video productions, localization and DTP. Our multi-lingual production is U.S. & Europe broadcast ready and we work with only professional actors with extensive IMDb titles, radio hosts & TV anchors who have worked for ABC, Disney, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Warner TV, HBO, etc. Our quality is trusted by industry leaders like Google, Marvel (Ironman animations), NPR, Motorola, Dior, Siemens, Philips, AMC, Adobe, Avid, McAfee, Amway, IHS, Eurostar, etc. So next time when you have a project that involves translation, voice-over or video production, you too can give us a try and understand for yourself why we are your best solution for multi-media multi-language productions.

The DoW stands ready to meet any requirements you have with our passionate team of linguistic enthusiasts.

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